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Who we are

We are communication and content development agency based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Who is behind

Agency was established by PR and marketing expert Martynas Karciauskas with 10+ years of experience in traditional and digital communication, as well as journalism.

Who trust us

Among organizations that decided to trust us – local and global companies, from international corporations to promising start-ups. Here are some names: McDonald‘s, HTC, ASRock, Bitė Lietuva, Avon, Litexpo.


What we do

We help organizations plan and implement their communication efforts in order to raise awareness, build brand, reach new clients and partners, engage current ones. We also create quality content on the way, because it is a crucial part of any successful communication.

What are our strenghts

IT&T, start-ups, social media, digital marketing, content development, media relations.


When to contact

Whenever you need to tell your „who, what, when, where, why“. Or to listen what others have to say about you.

When we started

Agency has been founded in 2011.


Where do we operate

Our office is in Vilnius, Lithuania. We mostly provide communication services locally, in some cases we can coordinate communication all over the Baltics through the network of partners in Latvia and Estonia.

Where to look for us

You can find us at Vytenio str. 9, Vilnius LT-03113, Lithuania.

Or simply e-mail us at


Why should I be interested

Every day we strive to be the best at what we do. We want to be like Mike, only in PR. Let’s talk and find out if we have common interests.

Why not?

+370 673 84548

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